Certified Notarised Translations

We provide a tailored translation service specific to your precise needs.

For official purposes, a Certified Translation is required when a legal document such as Birth or Marriage Certificate, Company documents, Articles of Association, Company Incoporation Certificate, etc. needs to be translated and attested for use with official bodies such as the Court, the Registry Office, Consulate, Passport Office, etc. in the UK or overseas, where a professional translation service confirming the translator’s credentials and accuracy of the translation is required.  

We are able to provide certified translations at short notice and as a matter of urgency, sometimes same day, depending on the volume of text to be translated. 

We use a translation service accredited by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) which is expertly qualified and skilled in all languages, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, etc. The ATC is the professional umbrella organisation which aim is to promote the highest standards in the translation industry and which membership is composed of translation service providers, which level of competency has been assessed to be the highest levels.      

Should the Certified Translation be for use overseas, part of the Certified Translation process is to get the documents legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office prior of it being used abroad, which is offered as part of the certified translation process.

Please check that the destination country where you are presenting your legalised documents is on the list of Member Countries of the Hague Convention. If not, after legalisation you may also need one last step, which is to present the legalised documents to the relevant foreign consulate in England for further legalisation.

We can provide soft translation sent by email or certified translation. We can also have the translation notarised by Notary Public so that document will be accepted by Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Please provide scanned copy of document that requires translation by email, confirming what language translation is required and we will prepare a quote info@llsuk.com.

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