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Notary Public

Our Notary Public offers a wide range of notarial services for private and industrial customers acquiring documents for use overseas.

The task of the notary public is a confirmation (authorization) of legal documents for use abroad. Their duty is also confirmation of the identity and personal data of persons signing documents. Therefore, all clients are required to produce evidence of identity and proof of address, copies of which are attached to our files.

We offer a wide range of notarial services such as:

  • Confirmation of documents
  • Providing notarial certificate attesting the authenticity of documents and signatures
  • Statement, a written statement under oath, and confirmation
  • Confirmation notarial birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates
  • Drafting powers of attorney
  • Determining the validity of foreign wills
  • Confirming the transaction
  • Translation of foreign documents into English and from English to other
  • Confirming translations from foreign languages into English and from English into foreign languages


All notarial work is regulated by the Faculty Office. The best standards of confidentiality and presentation are offered. The notarial practice is covered by professional indemnity insurance and a Compensation Fund.

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